Amirah Bellamy is most well-known as "Blissfully Mindful," the subliminal meditation video YouTube creator helping people turn walls into open doors by following their bliss.  Additionally, Amirah is an author, yogi and songstress.  Aside from that she has a JD as well as a BS and MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus on existentialism having worked with children in group homes, adult women in mental health hospitals and led various counseling group sessions.  You'll see that from each of these paths, she's gained loads of valuable insight into getting to the core of what we all need as we journey through life's many twists and turns. For you the product of this compilation of experiences is an emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced package of blissful support to help you on your inner journey with just the right combination of support, empowerment, and wellness of mind, body and spirit.