I AM Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance Positive Affirmations

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“I AM Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance Positive Affirmations” is the perfect dynamic dose of Law Of Attraction, inspiration, self-empowerment and positive thought that you need to transform your mind about your innate ability to manifest wealth, prosperity, abundance and ultimately the life of your dreams! Through the use of affirmations this book helps you to keenly focus in on the powerful being that you are and it heightens your awareness of your ability to realize your dreams. The key to manifesting a life of prosperity and abundance lies within you and the path to that realization begins with affirmations. Each affirmation in this book taps into the extraordinary power that you possess within to win, succeed and realize happiness and bliss. So read and read again. Then, watch your thoughts, your beliefs and your mind transform into the inspiration needed to then transform your life!


(Paperback Available HERE!)