Love Yourself Dammit!: Guide To Blissfully Manifesting The Life Of Your Dreams

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The ebb and flow of life is a most intriguing concept. While it can be quite challenging it is also a vortex of infinite possibilities that can be accessed at will. This guide helps you to get beyond the challenges so that you can access those possibilities and manifest them as your dream life. It provides a safe space for dealing with the blockages that may be preventing you from being who you want to be and living the life that you want to live. During this time we talk about knowing our own worth, making good choices, the importance of having dreams/desires, working toward them and so much more!! Most importantly, we address these issues in a direct, but super cuddly, blissful way so that you get all the benefits of this therapy and finally live the life of your dreams!



YouTube Vlogger Blissfully Mindful otherwise known as Amirah Bellamy has worked with children in group homes, adult women in mental hospitals and led various counseling group sessions. You'll see that from each of these paths, she's gained loads of valuable insight into getting to the core of what we all need as we journey through life's many twists and turns. For you the product of this compilation of experiences is an emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced package of blissful support to help you on your inner journey with just the right combination of support, empowerment, and wellness of mind, body and spirit.


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