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Project M.E. Success Life Coaching is the gold standard formula for attaining the success mindset and overcoming emotional blockages that prevent you from realizing your highest potential!  

Project M.E. Success Life Coaching = Goal + Result 

Are you a professional who wants to find your passion so that you actually want to wake up and go to work?

Are you a parent feeling like you're in a never-ending struggle who wants to feel more confident in your parenting to bring peace to your home?

Do you want to get promoted to the executive level so that you can be recognized as an industry leader?

In life, do you want to stop standing still so that you can actually be on the cutting edge of your field?

or Are you a business owner or corporate leader who wants to be more effective at influencing others so that your company thrives?

Whatever the case may be, in Project Manifest Everything (Project M.E.) Success Life Coaching I take you from your goal to your desired result by taking you through a proven system, step-by-step. 

First, I'll take you through a detailed process of unveiling the biology of your fears and transforming them into your passion.  This will form the foundation of the work ahead.  Next, we'll dive deeper into uncovering just what your passion is and begin taking steps toward making it a reality.  At this point fear will no longer cripple you and you will possess the confidence and motivation needed to succeed.  During the final phase I'll show you how to re-learn and rebuild yourself mind, body and soul, after which time you will realize your goal and begin to see signs of your desires manifest.

Now, while this whole process seems quite mystical, I promise you there is no mysticism to any of this.

It's very much something that you can do if you are willing and committed to focus and learn.

Project M.E. Success Life Coaching is the compilation of inner work exercises that I created a few years ago to help others learn to become the master of their lives and manifest their dreams.

But in a super cuddly, blissful way.

I want you to get all the benefits of this work and have exactly the kind of life and/or business that you want (wealth, career, education, whatever!) with all the divine awesomeness that is 100% you.

So I am willing to show you everything behind the mental veil!

Of course, I will support you in any way that I can and in a second, I’m going to invite you to come *just slightly* deeper into my world, and continue on learning more about how to set up your consultation successfully.

But before we go any deeper, there are three things to know about Project M.E.:

1) It will fit your lifestyle. All the critical sessions are recorded so that you can access them again and again, from any major device with internet. Thus, while the program moves at a leisurely pace over the course of 6 weeks, you can ultimately take as much time as you want!

2) It is action-focused. Meaning that in this program every week has built in actionable steps designed to help you make progress. 

3) You will get real feedback, if you engage. Aspects of this program encourage you to venture deep into the shadows of you, into the depths of who you TRULY are, so that you get comfortable with receiving and effectively using real feedback and support.

Program Overview:

Here’s a quick overview of the program, think of it as your complete road map to manifesting your goal.  Each week we’ll work on actionable steps towards reaching your goal, building them out in a way that isn’t overwhelming but that IS super efficient!  When you submit your booking (while also scheduling your first of 3 one-on-one 45-minute Skype/Google Duo sessions with me) the following will happen:

WELCOME: On your 1st 45-minute Skype/Google Duo session we begin by accessing where you are currently with respect to realizing your goal.  We then get to the core (THE FEAR) of what's blocking you from realizing your goal.  We face, dissect, eliminate and transform fear and anxiety.  We thoroughly clean house!  

Week 2:  Transform.  We pause for you to internalize the lessons from the previous session.  (Short check-in call.)

Week 3: Define your goal.  Here’s where we drill into exactly what you want to realize.  What is your goal exactly?  We get super specific on your goal in a way that is both focused and inspiring, and that concretely communicates to you and the universe what you want.  This is the beginning of your journey toward realizing your goal! 

Week 4: Define what steps toward realizing your goal look like. This will be our 2nd one-on-one 45-minute Skype/Google Duo session.  If you are worried about your goal being a "pie in the sky" dream that will never come true, please don’t.  I'll show you how to approach your goal in a way that allows you to see the feasibility of it all and that makes it realistic for you. You’ll learn a whole new way to get amazing results from life!  I'll teach you the nuts and bolts of manifestation and show you how to use your skills to reach your goal. Bottom line: This is where we establish the road map to your goal.

Week 5: Action week.  We pause for you to internalize the lessons from the previous session.  You begin taking steps toward your goal.  Short check-in call to help prioritize your actions.

Week 6: Manifesting in your sleep. This will be our 3rd and final one-on-one 45-minute Skype/Google Duo session.  This is where I show you how to approach all things in life from a place of strength (from here on out).  It's where we begin to bear witness to your super power, your power to make your goals become reality.  Never be terrified of failure again. You’ll finally get a handle on creating predictable outcomes in your life!  Yay Go You!  

Bonuses: We also have $200 worth of bonuses!  Seriously? Yes.

(Note:  Pricing includes ALL 3 Skype/Google Duo sessions + two short Check-In Calls)

Want to get ALL the program details (including bonuses!) and get started with your sessions so that you can begin living your best life?

Well, you’ve made it this far, which means that you are committed and focused.  I do want to work with you.  Heck, I say it’s time to get to know each other better and there's no better time than the present.  So why not dive deeper into bliss?  Go ahead and book your program!



Need help right now?  Don't have months to resolve an issue?  

Book Your Laser Coaching Session Now!

 Project M.E.™ Laser Coaching is my 18 minute coaching session (via Skype/Google Duo or Phone, depending on preference) where we get right to the point.  We immediately dive into action mode and diffuse anxiety, identify the issue and come up with a resolution.

Are you an athlete, entertainer or artist experiencing anxiety and need to quickly refocus so that you can perform at your best?

Are you an entrepreneur or business executive who needs to take an immediate course of action on a crucial, high-priority business matter, but with a clear head?

Are you a team lead who would like for your team to participate in a laser coaching session so that your upcoming team project is a slam dunk?

Sometimes life just doesn't allow the luxury of time and we have to quickly resolve things that seriously impact our lives and businesses.  Even during these instances we need to make focused, intelligent decisions.

This is where Project M.E.™ Laser Coaching comes into play.  In just 18 minutes we get into a relaxed, focused, blissful mental state that is optimal for decision making.  During this time I will give you valuable feedback and insight into how to improve your game and take things to the next level. 

You won't believe what we accomplish in just 18 minutes!  We'll identify the biology of your emotional triggers.  We'll determine an action plan.  We'll take action.  Then we'll provide you with effective tools to use moving forward.

Do you want a fast track to improved performance custom-tailored for you and your needs?  Then don't waste another second.

Book Your Laser Coaching Session Now!


If you are interested in being part of a Project M.E. Group (tentatively via Facebook on Mondays at 6pm EST) Contact Us.  Once there is enough interest information about registration will be provided.

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