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Charge Your Phone With The Sun

You can now charge your phone or any usb device with the sun using your very own portable solar charging station. Portable solar charging stations harness the power of the sun to supply electricity to your devices or charge the battery. This is innovative, clever and the definition of convenience.

Portable solar charging stations are small, lightweight solar panels that are literally the size of a wallet. Best of all, they don’t require any external electricity source to function. Simply open them up and let the sun shine in. Many even come with multiple usb ports making it feasible to charge mulitple devices at once.

Now of course there are downsides to this charging station, namely that it’s dependent on sunny days. So if you’re faced with a cloudy day you won’t get a charge. You also won’t get a charge when huge clouds pass by obstructing your access to sunlight. Then there’s also the matter of time. Some portable solar charging stations have been reported to take long lengths of time to charge devices.

That said, you want to choose one that is reliable and produces the most power. Here are some brands that may be worth checking out.

So get ready to charge your phone with the sun the next time that an electrical outlet is inaccessible. This innovative device is perfect for camping trips, hiking, backpacking and more. The outdoor enthusiast will love this device.

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