I’m Amirah Bellamy (aka “Blissfully Mindful”)

I’m a creator who is passionate about conscious living, self care and attracting prosperity. Having overcome numerous setbacks I have become increasingly obsessed with cultivating a life that is both abundantly blissful and prosperous.

To that end nearly a decade ago I made a conscious decision to follow my bliss... 

This resulted in the creation of “Blissfully Mindful.” First, a conscious living, meditation music and affirmations YouTube channel. Then later the Blissfullymindful.life blog, both platforms having been created to inspire others to a life of meaning and purpose. Now expanded to a community of thousands we are all turning walls into open doors and following our bliss.

Today Blissfullymindful.life is a balanced package of support, empowerment, and wellness of mind, body and spirit to help you on your inner journey. Enjoy!

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