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Insecta – The Ecosexy Shoe

Insecta is an ecosexy shoe brand produced in Brazil. What’s most unique about Insecta shoes is that not only are their offerings vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free, but also genderless.

Insecta shoes are made from upcycled vintage clothing and deadstock fabrics. So aesthetically the style screams vintage chic fab and is guaranteed to turn heads. Other materials used include recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton, recycled rubber, and production waste left over from the creation of new shoes that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Most impressive is how much of an environmental impact Insecta has made in it’s mere 5 years of existence. Over the course of just 5 years, Insecta has recycled over 1 ton of cotton, 21,000 PET bottles, and 6,800 kg of rubber amongst other materials.

From the fashionable print designs to the ageless solids I absolutely love the quintessential vibe of Insecta. Their shoes are perfect with just about any outfit for just about any occasion. The printed styles truly transform and reinvigorate an outfit of solids. Besides that Insecta does not fall short on quality. Insecta shoes are super tough and meticulously made.

Their sandals and slippers are amazing and now I want a pair in every color! The styles are trendy, timeless and vintages all in one. Insecta also seamlessly makes comfort as much of a top priority as style, giving you an extra bit of comfort in every step. Insecta is clearly where comfort meets chic.

Insecta is truly the official ecosexy shoe brand of the decade. If you don’t mind turning heads while doing something grand for the environment being the ecosexy beast that you are then you’ll love Insecta shoes!

Have you tried Insecta shoes? Which style is your favorite?

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