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To Use Or Not To Use Produce Wash

While the FDA advises that there’s no need to use produce wash many distrust that advice being leary and concerned that there may be pesticide residue left behind after rinsing with water. The laundry list of dangers that pesticides present is well-known. However, some are concerned that produce wash may be leaving it’s own unsafe residue behind on top of the residue it purports to remove making the situation worse. So the question is… to use or not to use produce wash?

Studies from the University of Maine have shown that tap water does as good a job or better, removing up to 98 percent of bacteria. In addition, the FDA has provided additional guidelines that may further reduce the risk of bateria-ridden produce, some of which include washing the hands with warm soap and water prior to preparing fresh produce, cutting away damaged or bruised parts, rinsing before and after peeling and using vegetable brushes.

That said, are fancy, expensive produce washes a waste of money? Then what about diy solutions like baking soda or vinegar washes? Are those options just as effective at cleaning pesticides off of your produce? There’s also the option to buy organic. Though it comes with a rather hefty price tag, buying USDA Certified Organic produce is ultimately the best way to protect yourself against pesticides.

Essentially, only you know what’s best for your household. Nonetheless, if you choose to use produce wash here are some brands that may be worth checking out.

What do you think? To use or not to use produce wash? Which side of the fence do you reside on and why?

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