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hola cosmic peeps!!! today i’m doing the product review to rival all others. i’m doing a product review of myself and let me just say that i’m one hell of a product! lol! i actually do this activity as part of my Love Yourself Da$#! program and can say from experience that it is VERY therapeutic.

i too often find that way too much of my time is spent focused externally so much so that i have to constantly reel myself back in to work on the one who’s most important, me!

so anyway, i’m doing my product review and i go through my regular questions starting with cost. am i reasonably priced, over-priced or am i a bargain? hmmm this leads me to ponder the question of whether i too often sell myself short and allow people in my life to treat me like a doormat? or do i exude such an excessive level of confidence that i drive people away? or am i fairly balanced? in thinking about this question i have to be honest and say that all of the aforementioned apply because in my life the only thing that is constant is change and depending on the moment i could fit either of these descriptions, but the beautiful thing is that’s perfectly ok.

next, i ask how does my label read? hmmmm how do i look to the outside world? are my ingredients healthy? do i contain a bunch of junk that isn’t good for me or anybody else? do i contain toxic ingredients that make people sick or that cause dis-ease? am i organic, non-hydrogenated and non-gmo? my response is WOW i have lots of work to do on my ingredients!!

in truth, this could take a lifetime or several! in first focusing inward and seeing how my ingredients impact me i have to say that my ingredients are not all healthy and do contain quite a bit of junk that isn’t good for me. some of my ingredients have proven to be quite toxic to my spiritual, mental and physical well-being. however, what i can positively attest to is that everyday, moment to moment i work diligently to become an organic, non-hydrogenated, non-gmo goddess. with every breath, with every thought, with every word, with every action, and with every silence i am that goddess.

now how is my texture and taste? this goddess is sexual chocolate wrapped in cosmic caramel BABAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

overall i LOVE this product! she is definitely one that i would highly recommend! she is always open and receptive to customer feedback. she is available to me wherever i am. most importantly, she is always tweaking and making improvements to the brand.

what about you? what would your product review of me look like?

sunflower smooches!

amirah (aka blissfully mindful)

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