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Introducing VEDGEco – The Vegan Costco

Vegan news doesn’t get more exciting than this. Introducing VEDGEco, the vegan Costco. Now there’s an online shop where you can buy all your favorite vegan foods in bulk. Did somebody say died and gone to heaven?

Yes, pinch yourself because this is real! Founded in Hawaii, VEDGEco is on a mission to spread plant based love across the continent. Delivering plant based bulk products at wholesale prices, VEDGEco ships products to your door in foam-free, recyclable & compostable materials. Also, their $100 minimum order requirement allows them to ship more products together resulting in fewer deliveries.

So not only has VEDGEco set out deliver you the best in plant based goodness, but they are doing so with a low carbon footprint. What VEDGEco has done is just shy of revolutionary.

VEDGEco will make it more feasible for large families to adopt a plant based lifestyle. They have also drastically improved cost savings for vegans as a whole. If you have the freezer space VEDGEco has what you need to fill it up.

So far they have the 10 products below in bulk and will add a minumum of 3 new items each month. So raise the roof and celebrate!!! Woot woooot!!!

  • Field Roast, Apple Maple Breakfast Links (31-count)
  • Beyond Meat, Beyond Sausage, Original Brat (4-count)
  • Plant Ranch, Carne Asada (one pound)
  • Alpha Foods, Chik’n Nuggets (105-count)
  • Lightlife, Fakin’ Bacon (1.5 pounds)
  • Impossible Foods, Impossible Burger (10-count)
  • JUST, JUST Egg (two pounds)
  • Daiya Foods, Mozzarella Style Shreds (five pounds)
  • All Vegetarian, Vegan Bacon (12-count)
  • All Vegetarian, Vegan Drumsticks (6-count)

So there you have it. Vegans have all made it to heaven. Introducing VEDGEco, the vegan Costco!

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