A New Business

i launched a new business ya’ll!!! yaaaaahhyyyyy!!!!! whoooooo hoooo!!!! i am so excited. for so longed i’ve dreamt of this moment. dead-end job after dead-end job i kept telling myself that this is it! this is the last job that i’m going to work and when i leave here i’m going to work for myself! i’m going to be an entrepreneur!

well i did it ya’ll and it feels spectacular! but you know what’s so ironic about it all is that i just realized that i have always been an entrepreneur. at every “job” i was actually working for myself. how so???? because at every job i was working on my”self.”

each job taught me so much about me that now i see that was whole point! my work here is ME no matter where or what the work is. so now that i’m working for myself in the literal sense and am very excited about where this path will lead, what has remained constant is that my only true work is the work that i’m doing within my”self.”

have you ever launched a new business? what strategies did you use to emotionally adjust?

sunflower smooches!

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