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NOTO Is The Modern Minimalist Way To Look Good

NOTO is the modern minimalist way to look good. NOTO botanics is a natural beauty brand that uses high performance, consciously sourced botanic based ingredients. Best of all, NOTO products are genderless and multi-use functional. Their products are also vegan, cruelty free and sustainable.

NOTO is primarily a skincare line. However, they also offer a cool selection of lipsticks and highlighters. Though what I am currently vibing with is their Deep Serum. It’s unbelievably nutrient dense. Ingredients are very hydrating, age defying and great for all skin types. With ingredients like rosehip seed, sea buckthorn, rosemary extract and green coffee oil you can’t go wrong. This is an essential oil blend that is destined for greatness.

The Basil Yarrow Mist is another fav. It’s a refreshingly light, but effective toner that softens, tones and balances the skin. You can even mist your hair with it! It has a light, invigorating scent that seemingly lifts your mood with each spray.

If you’re in the market for a skincare product that is all natural, has minimal ingredients, is plant based and uses ingredients that are consciously sourced then NOTO is well worth checking out. NOTO is the modern minimalist way to look good.

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