Self Care

The Company You Keep

While you are the best indication of the state of your ascension in many ways so is the company that you keep. If you want to know how much you have grown and how much progress you have made on your spiritual journey simply look around. This is the ultimate form of self care.

Literally everyone around you is your own reflection. Like a magnet, you have drawn them to you. While you have drawn some to you for the long haul, like family, others merely represent a life lesson, some more valuable than others.

You may even notice that your life dramas even mirror one another’s and that is no coincidence either. If you can see your self from the perspective of a creator seeking to understand itself, you will more clearly identify those around you for what they represent as part of your personal growth journey. This includes the ones that get on your last nerve.

The people around you who give you grief are likely the aspects of you residing in the shadows whom you’ve brought into the light. Now that you can see it, you can observe, understand and transform it. Believe it or not, blowups are a large part of that process.

While disagreements never feel good, they can be your greatest teacher. Disagreements with others show you where you have resistance. Ask yourself why you disagree? Why is being right so important? What will happen if you allow their opinions to simply be without being a burden to you? Are you able to let go of disagreements and simply co-exist in the peace of your own mind?

Ultimately, the company that you keep is a glimpse of you. They are the parts of you that you may or may not acknowledge. Whether you do or don’t does not negatate their existence. So once you come into acceptance of what the company you keep represents you’ll also become all the more self aware.

Consequently, self awareness will yield you the most blissfully satisfying existence where all are appreciated as the next level of your evolution, the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll see them all as a wonderful opportunity to expand.

What does the company that you presently keep showing you about you? Is it something that you like or are you seeing some areas that you may need to work on?

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