Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Tansi (Hello in Cree) my little cherubs! today i want you to walk by faith not by sight…

i am absolutely bubbling over with possibilities and opportunities today!  don’t you just love days like that!?!?!!!  i know that i do and if i had one wish it would be for a lifetime of days like this.  now the irony here is that in terms of progress, objectives being met and desires being realized things are pretty darn motionless. LOL!! 

so why am i so happy about that you ask?  well initially, when i woke up this morning i had no idea.  but then after morning asana, some parent volunteer time with the kids at my daughter’s school soaking up that fabulicious child energy then circling back home to devour a sweet, juicy mango all of the light bulbs started to come on.  i’ll explain…

so less than 5 minutes ago i felt like the walls were closing in on me, life sucks, unseen forces were out to get me and why not just give up because nothing that i set out to do has gone according to plan.  then….sssssccccccrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeech!!!! i slammed the brakes on those thoughts, went to my favorite place, the mirror and had a long, hard stare at homegirl staring back.  then i thought, just yesterday i’d established that i believed in myself despite the fact that all the way up to the final hours of the night i was in the company of folks who didn’t.  

next, i put her on trial, examined and argued her case then asked the jury (which was also me) whether they KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt that i had enough faith in my desires?  the jury deliberated for about 5 seconds and came back with a verdict of guilty! GASP!  i was both in shock and overcome with joy!  i couldn’t believe that i’d been found guilty of having faith in myself! LOL!!! 

now i know i’m being dramatic here but by now you all know how i do LOL!  anyway, this whole scene showed me that the old saying “walk by faith, not by sight” couldn’t be more true to me than in this very moment.  if i were to judge my current situation by what i see going on (or not going on for that matter) i’d be depressed as hell! 

so where’s the gain in doing that?  it sure isn’t gonna move me forward.  it isn’t going to increase the probability that things will change for the better.  most importantly, it isn’t going to propel me toward doing what is necessary to turn things around.  there’s an old saying that “seeing is believing.” 

scientist say that the eyes see what the brain tell them to.  Tehuti’s Law of Mentalism states that the universe is mental.  now if the eyes see what the mind tells them and the universe is mental, which consequently determines what we believe i say that based on this premise, i absolutely LOVE my life because all of it is in my head LOL!  and this is why i now sit here over-flowing with faith seeing the realization of my desires. ?  sure feels a whole lot better than moping LOL!!!  besides that, all that’s falling down around me is presenting me with endless opportunities for magical success and  i love it!!!

what about you?  how are you feeling about the possibilities and opportunities before you?  how do you keep the faith when things are falling apart around you? do you walk by faith not by sight?

sunflower smooches!

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