What Is Life Worth

this morning i woke up pondering the question, what is life worth. of course life is beyond the value of any dollar amount, which makes it very challenging to quantify. though, since life isn’t quantifiable in dollars, why is it so difficult to articulate the means by which you can valuate it?

life seems to be this elusive thing that you hold in high regard and that you value above all else. yet, you can’t quantify life through any means. you fear the loss of it. you will readily trade your own life for that of a loved one. you assign your life a net worth on the basis of mundane possessions and a credit score on the basis of your debt. besides that, when someone makes their transition to the ‘after life’ you deem their departure as a net loss, which suggests that others somehow add to the value of your life.

so what is life worth? how do you quantify it? what i have learned is that life is quantifiable only by way of the transformations that it affords you. with each transformation that life causes you to undergo you become more valuable. in turn, your life gets a higher valuation. knowledge is priceless and with transformation and life lessons comes knowledge.

life as a whole is one big spiritual and energetic transformation. it’s an evolution of existence. so when observing life from this perspective we may conclude that life is worth the sum of everything.

what is life worth to you? how do you quantify it?

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