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Always Be You

No matter what, always be you.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”– Bernard Baruch

This quote couldn’t be more true. Everywhere you turn people have so many expectations and opinions of you. Most of the time it reflects nothing more than their insecurities or is for the benefit of their own self indulgence.

So to placate the masses you wear masks, disguising who you really are. Over time you wear the mask so much that you begin to forget who you really are. You believe that you are the mask. Then, being so consumed by these external factors you stagnate your own expansion.

In the meantime, what’s most beneficial to your own well-being is where the focus needs to be. Opinions change like the wind. So trying to facilitate the opinions of others is pointless.

The ones that really matter always shine through because not only do they know the authentic you, they love and appreciate you, flaws and all. In fact, they don’t perceive anything about you as a flaw. They accept that we are all imperfect and carnated into this life as a means to grow and expand. They see your growth and they allow you to find your way in the areas where you still have work to do.

Those who don’t mind who you are see the beauty in your imperfections. They appreciate your imperfections as opportunities for growth for both of you. Those who don’t mind who you are truly, know who you are, a divine being of endless possibilities for their own expansion.

Our interconnectedness with one another means that when we cross paths our engagement serves a higher purpose. It goes well beyond the mundane falacy of opinions. We each reflect the other. So a perceived flaw in another is a flaw within that is demanding our attention.

So no matter what always be you. Who you are serves a purpose that more than any of us may ever know.

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I am passionate about intentional living, self care and attracting prosperity. As such my content is keenly focused on delivering all the tools necessary to succeed in doing just that. Conscious Minimalist Living, Simple Vegan Lifestyle, Morning Meditation, and Affirmations all to manifest the life of your dreams. This blog is an infinitely healthy balance of inspiration and mindfulness. Welcome! I wish all of you beautiful, warm, blissful spirits an infinite abundance of good feelings, prosperous lives and blissful minds! Enjoy! Sunflower Smooches!! Blissfully Mindful

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