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Dinner For One

Our self care hack of the week is dinner for one! Yassssszzzzz!!!! What better way to feel good about being you than to really do it up and prepare yourself a dinner that’s fit for a queen/king?

How this works is simple. Just prepare yourself dinner with all the fixings. Choose all the things that you love and plate it the way that a 5 star gourmet restaurant would.

So that means, no boring, run-of-the-mill recipes that you make all the time. Either break out one of your best cookbooks or scan the web for a 5 star recipe that makes your mouth water at the sight of it.

This recipe should be so grand that it forces you to go to the store to pick up ingredients because after all this isn’t your everyday meal. So you won’t choose a recipe for which you have all of the ingredients on hand. Also, this recipe should require a commitment of your time because after all this isn’t your everyday meal. So you won’t choose a quick, easy, 30-minutes or less everyday recipe. You should be marinating some things!

Then, what you’ll find is that this hack does so many rewarding things for you. Mostly, it provides you with some much needed and highly valued ‘me time.’ The time that it takes to find a recipe will be all about you. The trip to the grocery store will be all about you. The time spent preparing the meal will be all about you. Best of all, the time spent enjoying the meal will be all about you.

So do it up, go all out. Add a nice bottle of wine to the menu because you deserve it. Throw in some candles so that you can enjoy it. Then soak it all in because you did it!

Now what are you waiting for??? Get going and get started on that savory, delicious, unbelievably satisfying dinner for one!!! Enjoy!!!

Share in the comments how this goes for you…

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