Fig and Limoncello Panna Cotta

This Fig and Limoncella Panna Cotta recipe from is just in time for a refreshing summer treat. Smooth, rich, creamy and delicious is all I can say about this delightful recipe.



150g (5½oz) raw cashew nuts, soaked

Pulp of a young coconut

2 tbsp Limoncello

4 dates

3 ripe figs10 tbsp coconut water

1 tbsp vanilla extract


75g (1¾oz) raw almonds

3 dates

2 tbsp Limoncello


1 For the crust, coarsely blend the dates and almonds together. Add the Limoncello, mix well and press into the base of four glass dessert glasses.

2 Slice 1½ figs to create the first layer over the crust.

3 For the cream, blend the cashews, dates, vanilla, coconut pulp and water in a high speed blender until smooth and creamy. Lastly, add the Limoncello.

4 Spread the first layer of cream over the figs, cover with more fruit, another layer of cream, then the
remaining figs.

5 To decorate, fill a pastry bag with the remaining cream and add tufts of panna cotta. Sprinkle some crushed almonds and more pieces of figs on top of your dessert and store in the freezer for at least 1½ hours before serving.

TIP If you don’t have Limoncello, you can replace it with some Cointreau and give your treat an orange tang!

Have you tried this Fig and Limoncello Panna Cotta recipe? How was it?

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