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How VitaSpelt Flour Stole My Heart

Let me tell you about how vitaspelt flour stole my heart. Flour is an important member of the households of those of us who aren’t raw vegans and if you’re trying to maintain a fairly rich alkaline diet this can be of some concern. However, rest assured that there is an alkaline solution and that is spelt flour. I absolutely love spelt flour! It’s worked just as well as wheat flour in everything that I’ve used it for. I’ve made roti, pancakes, waffles, baked cookies, cake, muffins and pie crusts with it and even used it to make vegan gravy.

As for brands, my favorite is VitaSpelt. As a lifelong Frugal Fanny, what I love most about this brand is the price. A 5 lb bag of this little darling is pretty reasonably priced and depending on how often and how much you use this can last quite some time.

So that’s how Vitaspelt Flour stole my heart. There are other brands whose quality is just as good such as Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills that I pick up from time to time because they are more accessible being in most all supermarkets these days. Whereas, I find that VitaSpelt is only in some organic markets so if you don’t have one of those nearby a smaller, more expensive bag of Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills brands will have to do. Either way, if you haven’t already done so, give spelt flour a try and let me know what you think.

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