Live Past Your Mistakes

Peace Lovey!

Diving right into it.  This week I want you to live past your mistakes.  I mean it!  Don’t get stuck there.  I know that you know that so much life happens beyond mis-takes.  So I’m just reminding you because I don’t want you to miss out.

Anyway let’s get into this.  Let’s break it down.  What even is a mis-take?  

According to American Heritage dictionary a mistake is…

  1. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.
  2. A misconception or misunderstanding.

Now that couldn’t sound more depressing.  I mean according to that definition if I perceive that mistakes are real than first of all I’m dumb, uttlerly muffed up and downright selfish!  I stand uder misses and my ability to conceptualize is screwed!  Damn I’m effed up!  Seriously, why even go on? 

Now you know there’s no way we can stop here.  I have to write responsibly.  Hell, if I were to accpet this and stop here we would all be miserable sacks missing out on so much of life’s goodness.  So for that reason you know we have to keep going.  Let’s dive. 

What is the etymology of mistake?

The etymology of the word mistake breaks down to mis and take.  Mis- has a Germanic origin and comes from the word “missa” which means divergent, astray.  Meanwhile, take was derived from a cognate Scandinavian source “tacan” which means “to take, grasp, lay hold.”

In this regard the act sounds to be intentional.  For instance, “take the plunge,” “take five,” “take it or leave it” all sound like decisive acts.  

So putting it all together a mistake appears to be a decisive act that went astray.  That said a mistake isn’t actually any sort of mis-step at all.  Instead, it’s more like a regret or second guessing of what was at the time a very solid and intentional decision.

From another perspective the word mistake seems to address something that has already occurred.  Yet this is confusing given that it includes the word take, which is present tense vs took which is past tense. 

This begs the question of exactly what time period we are referring to and is it all meant to be this confusing?  Am I supposed to feel regret about something that I did or something that I am currently doing?  For one thing contextually the past is always referenced when using this word.  For example, “I made a mistake” vs “I make a mistake.”

The point is that there seems to be no such thing as a mis-take.  It’s not possible to do something both in the past and in the present simultaneously.  Besides that how can something that you do intentionally diverge or go astray?  When you intend to do something the act is by design purposeful, which further implies that the act is one that is well thought out.

So again can there possibly be such a thing as a mis-take?

I’m sitting here enjoying a pint (yep the whole damn pint) of Ben and Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar non-dairy ice cream.  Is that a mistake?  It sure as hell doesn’t taste like one!  Every delicious bite that I take is all good to me.  No regrets and when given the opportunity again I’ll decide in the same positive manner, no misses.

Let’s look at it another way.  Right now, in this moment you are taking steps in life one at a time.  Each one occuring in the present and each one purposefully made and very much well intended.  There is no going astray from that.  This is how life happens.  Life itself is an accumulation of intentional steps.  There are never any misses.

If you were to see this from the perspective of walking up a flight of steps, though a mis step would cause a slip and/or a stumbling it would in no way impede your continued ascension up the flight of stairs.  Once you regain your footing to take the next step you will end up a step higher than the one before.

So again there are no mis-takes.  When I sell you my book, Love Yourself Dammit sold on all platforms go get your copy (plug that in no way contains shame).  When I sell you my book and take your money in exchange there are/were no misses.  I take or took your money and I mean(t) to take or took it!  While there still seems to be confusion with the time here there is no confusion about any of what I did being a mis-take.

Again let’s revisit this timeframe confusion cause really I’m getting dizzy now.  This sh!*& is really making my head spin.

So contextually you would say “I made a mistake” (the take which is present tense).  However, logically you cannot miss the present.  It is the only thing that is so.  It is now and very much verifiable as it is all that you are able to experience, actualize and have conscious awareness of.  Essentially, the term would have to be “I made a mistook” to make sense. 

Though since that isn’t the term I’m good with concluding that I’m just that perfect that dammit I don’t make mistakes.  Are you with me?  You feel me?

Getting serious though being mindful of your present decisions, making each one intentionally, with a defined purpose means that you are the architect of your life.  Like an artist you are designing the portrait of your life one stroke, one step, one take at a time.  As long as you are aware of this great power that you absolutely possess you can never make a mis-take.

Yes, you never make mis-takes!  Say it aloud right now!  “I never make mistakes.”  Each moment that you positvely take the bounty of life, receive it and expertly craft it into the experience that you want, you my dear will NEVER make a mistake. 

That means there is no need to live in the past anymore with regrets of what was.  You are now taking steps up the ladder of your ascension.

While you may occasionally trip and/or stumble you will always regain your footing enough to take the next step.  You take steps in life just as effortlessly as you breathe.  You and your life are always in motion which means that you are always moving forward and ascending to the point of taking the next step. 

Life is the staircase that never ends.  In the same manner that your heart never stops beating (as long as you’re alive) you never stop taking steps.  Even when it feels like a state of inertia persists even that too is an intended step.  It is an awareness of the need for momentary suspension in flight.  Bask in the deliciousness of being mid-air.

From there be more step positive and focus on all that has been gained from each step taken in your life’s script. I’m sure that if you were to do a quick scan of your life you would undoubtedly see that you have made significantly more good takes than misses. 

Look at how far you’ve come and see how brave you have been with each step taken.  Moving forward still, remember that each step that you take is a step closer to your goal.  

So rather than focusing on misses focus on the steps that get you closer to where you want to be.  Ground yourself in this way of perceiving and there will never again be a miss.  Stop missing and instead take control of your life and design it into whatever you want it to be.

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