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August 20, 2023

Peace Lovey!

I have a powerful morning habit that will not only lead to the actualization of a healthy mind but the life that you want!  This simple technique will literally transform your entire perspective of life as you know it.  While incomplex, this morning habit possesses great power.  So let’s get into it!

“You are what you think you are most of the time.”  ~ Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret

As you read on you’ll discover that this statement holds the key to a healthy mind.  Though before we get into that we must first define just what the mind actually is. 

We associate the mind with everything from perception, pleasure, pain, desire, intention and emotion.  Some would say that the mind is your gateway to the reality that you are experiencing in this very moment.  

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the mind as “(a) the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and especially reasons; (c) the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism.”

Given the complexity of defining what the mind actually is, two people may never truly agree. However, what we can all agree on is that the mind is an experience that is unique to the individual.  It is how we give definition to the world around us and more importantly ourselves.

This begs the many questions that we have about ourselves.  Who am I?  What am I?  Why am I?  Is what my mind perceives me to be actually who and what I am?  Here is where we come to the health of our minds.  

Given the variance in definitions of what the mind actually is, what then is the gauge of a healthy mind?  What is the point of reference?  Is it things and people other than ourselves, namely the so-called “experts?”  More than that, is the answer always something external?  Is a healthy mind what you are told that it is?

The Ills Of Conformity

If so, that sounds like conformity.  In fact, when you think about it, so much of your time is spent focused on conformity.  You are inundated with the pressure to conform beginning at birth.  Specifically, you are told who you are and from there you adopt that definition of yourself.  That equates to the sum of the 3 or 4 letters assigned to you and nothing more.  This is conformity at its core.

Now this is no conversation about gender identification.  We are going much deeper than that.  We are diving into who you are fundamentally.  Who are you before you are a gender, before you are a race or ethnicity, and before you are what you do?

The aforementioned definitions of who you are come by way of a habit of conformity rather than conscious awareness.  From birth you are told that you are a set of very surface descriptives.  These are all based on someone else’s observations of your characteristics.

However, you are the only one that truly knows your character and this is where the health of the matter comes in.  

What determines the health of your mind?

When you spend the majority of your time striving to conform, be socially accepted, and being mis-guided by standards of who you should be you succumb to a mind that is essentially unhealthy. 

This is because the mind does not make sense of conformity.  Conformity is based on the external and the mind is conscious only of itself.  Forcing the opinions, directives, and perceptions of anything other than self will without question result in mental incongruence where you are mentally unwell.

According to Forbes Health “Young adults ages 18 to 25 in the U.S have the highest rate of experiencing any mental health concerns (30.6%) compared to adults aged 26 to 49 years, and the highest rate of serious mental illness (9.7%).”

These statistics come as no surprise and I’ll tell you why.

Regarding mental health, when the outside does not match the inside the result is one who is very unwell.  It shows up as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and an host of other symptoms. 

It may also show up as you wearing a mask.  We all do it.  Take for instance a simple inquiry from a stranger, “How are you doing?”  Then you muster up a fake response of “I am well” while you may very well be having the worst day of your life.  This is a common example of mental incongruence.  The outside simply does not match the inside and the mind refuses to make sense of it.  Now that my friend, is the workings of the law of mentalism.

The Law Of Mentalism

If you frequent my blog and/or YouTube channel you’ve undoubtedly heard me recite the universal law of mentalism, “The All is mind; the universe is mental.”  I mention this because the key to making an unwell mind well lies within the understanding of this crucial law.  This law supercedes all others.  It is immutable.

Now if the entirety of the universe lies within your mind so does who you think you are and in the same manner your mental wellness.  So given the workings of the law of mentalism it might be suggested that you are what you think you are most of the time.

So who are you?  What I AM statements do you tell yourself about yourself repeatedly?

Let’s explore that.  By now many of us know that words hold a vibrational frequency.  Moreover, since we are energy we operate on frequency.  That means those statements that you tell yourself about yourself in fact determine who you are, what you are, and ultimately your reality.  That’s also why you are what you think you are most of the time.  

The thing is the story that you tell yourself about yourself most of the time too often comes by way of external influences.  For instance, if you as a small child not yet equipped with a vocabulary shows the slightest hint of excitement for say a swing your parents will excitedly say “Oh wow!  You like to swing!”  Then in an effort to see them maintain this heightened state of excitement you repeat the word “swing.”  By now their excitement reaches new heights because you’ve also said a new word.  

Now both you and your parents believe that you love to swing.  You adopt this belief without question.  Later you discover more fun aspects of the playground beyond the swings.  In fact, you actually prefer not to even play on the playground equipment when you venture the playground.  You favor running around the playground more than the swings.  The swings keep you contained and your prefer to run freely.

However, you’ve already been indoctrinated into the idea of favoring the restraint and restriction that the swing offers.  So you adopt a “liking” for other things that give you this sensation.  Guidance, oversight, and direction are what you seek.  Like the swing that flows in a single, guided direction so flows your life.  

Now where thought goes energy flows.  You are energy and so you flow in the direction of that initial thought implanted by the suggestion of your parents on that day long ago.  There lingering in the depths of your mind beyond your conscious awareness lie the greatest lie ever told about who you are.

In Comes Conformity Again

This again is conformity and we have all fallen victim to it.  It is inherently the cause of much of your mental unwellness.  Because you are what you think you are most of the time, which is in turn the result of what things external to yourself have dictated. 

As a result, there is incongruence.  The inside and the outside are not one.  In fact, you spend the majority of your life attempting to make them one.  The idea of this is an insistent yearning.  It is your idea of peace, love and happiness.  It is what you spend your life looking for whether you seek it out in other people, activities or ideas.  You are living to make the inside and the outside one.  Your primary desire is that your mind and your reality become one.

If you need evidence of this recall a time when you were upset after finding out that something wasn’t what you thought it was.  One example of this is a teen who realizes some distrurbing truth about their parent that has been right in front of them all along.  Perhaps the younger version of this teen thought that their dad working late all the time was to earn more money.  Then they discover that all of his extra time was actually spent sharing the company of a woman other than the teen’s mother.  So the reality of who their father was became a mismatch for their perception.

This mismatch is a common theme across all of humanity.  It is what we all struggle with everyday.

We all strive to make sense of the perceived world that is a mismatch for what we know the world to be by way of our mind.  Your mind.  Your mind holds the truths and knowledge of the entire universe, but you have not yet realized it.

Don’t beat yourself up about it though because accomplishing this realization is rarely easy as can be seen in the increase in those suffering from mental health issues. 

A Solution. 

However, it doesn’t have to be such a difficult feat. 

I actually have an easy way to overcome this mental affliction and to make the inside world and the outside world of your mind one.  It’s simple and if you do it for just 30 days at the end of it you will see the world as you know it completely transform.  You will be more empowered to change your reality to one that better aligns with the truth of your mind.  You will be more consciously aware then ever before.  However, your awareness will be of your own truths about who you are.  This time it will be without the external influences and without the lure of conformity.

So to that end, the exercise is simple… 

Right before you go to sleep you will ask the question who am I?  You will tell yourself to reveal this to you as you rest.  Then immediately upon waking, before you do anything else write the first thing that comes to mind about who you are.  Do this for 30 consecutive days. 

It is most imperative that you do this exercise immediately upon waking.  This way you take advantage of the powerful time that exist between “rest” and “wakefullness.”  There is a transfer of vital information that occurs during this time that you need to take advantage of and that will serve you well on this assignment.  It is this information that will educate you on some deep truths about who you are, the universe and your role as a co-creator in it.  It will bring things from your unconscious to your conscious awareness. 

Therein lies your power to manifest.  This phenomenon empowers you to harness the power of your mind to create the life that you want.  With that said, how will your life transform?  Better yet, who will you become?

Cultivate this morning habit for a healthy mind to get the answers to these questions and more!  Wishing you an abundance of success on this mission!

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