Me And My Mhair – A Natural Hair Care Story

I’ve been with my (m)hair on the natural hair journey for over 15 years now and 8 of those we spent in locs. Now I’m enjoying a new kinda relationship with my hair because this is the first time that its been just us spending quality time, courting, sharing, making googly faces at one another, getting touchy, feely and whatnot, taking showers together, going on trips, and just really enjoying the genuine feeling of love for one another! Yes, I said it… the “L” word! I LOVE my natural (m)hair!

Though not so long ago I couldn’t say that I was IN love with him. In fact, it was more “dislike” going on because we really weren’t getting along. I didn’t know what he wanted and at the speeds that my moods travel there was no chance in hell of him knowing what I wanted. So we had a few arguments, played a little tit for tat and kept aggravating one another until we got to our boiling points where we realized that we needed to just sit for a moment and start “listening” to one another.

When we argued he’d say to me, “You spend too much d!*% money. You never listen to ME because you’re more concerned with what everybody else has to say about us and I’m sick of it! Start listening to me dammit!” Well needless to say after that blow up I’m finally listening to my (m)hair. More than that we’re in a much better space because I’m less concerned about everyone else’s opinion. My (m)hair and I are just sooooo happy now. When we’re out together rather than eaves drop on our bickering people now stop, stare and smile at us. We have the love that you only hear about in fairytales.

How did we get here? I’ll share it with you. We finally came up with a routine that works for US and it consists of the following:

– Co-wash 1-2x’s a month with Suave Naturals Conditioner (either Tropical Coconut or Juicy Green Apple if we’re feeling kinda freaky!)
– Deep Condition with L’Oreal Eversleek or TRESemme Naturals Conditioner along with a few drops of olive oil if I’m out of L’Oreal)
– Leave-In condition with TRESemme Naturals Conditioner along with a few drops of olive oil or Naptural85’s shea butter recipe
– Daily maintenance with protective style along with coconut, olive or Naptural85’s shea butter creme
– Henna once a month with Jamila

That’s it! Now my honey and I are getting along very well and not fighting over everyone else being all up in our business. Nor are we fighting over money because I stopped being a product junky and have gotten my monthly hair care budget to under $20! ? I hope that my sharing our story will help other hair couples out there who may be experiencing similar problems. Feel free to drop us a line about how you 2 lovebirds weathered the storm. ?

*** Stay-tuned for our exclusive sexy hair tape (its gonna be steamy!)

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