That Kundalini Chile Rises To The Challenge…..

hello healthy peeps!! wow is it ever a pleasure to be back!  i feel like i just returned from iraq with the soldiers!  got a little cold over the weekend that had me by the throat, but that kundalini child in me rose stronger than ever for the challenge!  seems i indulged in one too many chocolates on halloween and my body decided that it was going to teach me a lesson.  well, did it ever!!  i was sooooo out of it and the thing is i KNOW better.  even still, how often is it the case that we know something doesn’t work for us yet we keep hitting the repeat button and re-playing the scenario over and over again.

then again that’s the beauty of this life experience.  it’s a training ground and we get to do it over and over and over again until we discover a harmonious, balanced equation that works for us.  in this instance, i already KNOW what my balanced equation is (at least one of them)…. it’s fresh, natural, whole foods.  my body is and has always been VERY sensitive to food.  since i was a child, meat (primarily red meat and pork) has always made me extremely sick.  yet, i kept indulging in the pleasure of it simply out of lust.  actually, it was my programmed response to its aroma that seduced, hypnotized and lured me in for the kill.

nonetheless, soon enough i discovered that i just really didn’t like being programmed.  to the contrary, i like the feeling of calling the shots, the way the air smells outside of the box, the array and the many textures of freedom rubbing up against my skin…. this inspired me to venture out into the unknown to see just what was out there.  so i set out on an expedition to find him, you know, the other food that was out there that might tickle my fancy just the same or better.  what i discovered was a universe of sexy, hot, striking perspective mates just waiting to claim me as his own and make me his goddess.  so one day i happened to share time and space with him, i looked at him and he looked at me, we went out, things transpired and as they say, the rest is history.  today we are truly a match made in heaven and like method man said “even when the skies were gray.  [he] would rub me on my back and say “baby it’ll be okay,” and YES that was REAL to a sistah like me baby!! WHEW!! ok as usual i digress…. sorry…. i’m back… was getting a flashback…

so, that’s actually how i nursed myself back… by going back to the formula that worked for me.  of course i did…. he never lets me down and my body responds to him ecstatically.  more than that, like always, anytime i stray when i return he shows me just how much he loves me.  guess i’ve just had this lifetime love affair with him.  let’s face it, veggies and i are soul mates.  hey, we just work.

the best way to sum this up is to say that this journey has shown me that on this training ground called life i can keep the kundilini child rising simply by defining and using my formulas.  for me, that formula is natural living.  it balances my life experience in SO many ways, and not just from a health perspective.  in all aspects, it just keeps me balanced.

so have you discovered what your formula is yet? have you found that thing, that IT, that ummm that just sends you soaring, brings you that much closer to nirvana, that shows you the universe???  i know i discover another of those formulas everyday and eagerly look forward to the next.  for me, that’s what its about… its about forward motion, discovery, evolving, learning, rising, falling, bliss, practice, rehearsals, messing up and getting over it, feeling, blending, creating, aspiring, loving, living, being…..

Till next time…..

sunflower smooches everyone!!!

Amirah B (aka Blissfully Mindful)

Vegan Lifestyle Blog that is an inspirational, good feeling space for all to share. Via shares of eco friendly, plant based finds, recipes and inspirational moments this blog is an infinitely healthy balance of mindfulness, wellness and FEEL good moments! As a yogi, author, songstress, veganista and lover of all things bliss life doesn't get more blissful than this! Join the bliss!

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