Relationship With Money

Salam (hello in Azerbaijani) Superstars!!! so i just had a powerful revelation this weekend about a very important relationship of mine…  my relationship with money.  what i realized is that there is an interconnectedness of all things and relationships.  such being the case, i realize why i keep experiencing a sense of lacking in my relationship with money.  let me explain….

i at times feel like i’m not giving enough to my kids.  despite that fact that i am giving all that i am in the position to give my kids in this moment i still nurture this nagging feeling that they deserve to get more from me.  i now see that what i’m doing is not being in the now… because at this moment what i’m giving (which is all that i have to give) them is more than enough and they are satisfied. 

so how this reflects in my relationship with money is that there is always this sense of not having enough.  this is the case even when the bills are all paid, there’s plenty of food in the house and there may even be a little left over for an extra bit of fun.  yet, despite this i’m 20 steps ahead worrying about what i don’t have yet that i want to get and need more money for. 

then what happens is that the money that once was disappears and i’m back at not having enough.  this cycle replays itself over and over again and will continue to do so until i end it.  in order to end this cycle of not having enough in my relationships i have to stop, look and listen to spirit to access the moment of now. 

in looking at it that way i see that i have an abundance of all that i need in my relationship reserves and there is always enough.  i am always giving all that i am in the position to give.  i am always receiving enough.  this is the case despite what others perceive the situation to be.  the reason being is that i’m the only one having my experience so what i give and receive at any given moment depends on where i am in that moment. 

so for instance, if i’m going through a growth cycle of learning to be more compassionate and a person in one of my relationships who needs lots of compassion catches me at the onset of that growth cycle then i can only give them what i am able to give them with regards to where i am developmentally.  so there is no need for me to feel guilt about not giving more.  feeling that guilt only takes me out of the space of the now which is contrary to where i want to be since the only thing that is real is the now.  

there is only now since i am not able to be in the past, present and future all at at once.  so constantly focusing on what i wish i could have done in the past or anticipate being able to do in the future only keeps me in a space of not having enough and lacking.  thus, i have to put all of me in the now where there is always 100% of me. 

in seeing life this way i’ll always realize abundance in all relationships, including my relationship with money.  all relationships are interconnected so i have to proceed as such in the knowledge that there is always enough.

what about you?  what is your relationship with money and how is it interconnected with your other relationships?

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