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Shampoo – Liquid Or Bar

When considering shampoo choosing between liquid versus bar shampoo can sometimes be difficult. Ultimately, it comes down to where your priorites lie.

If you’re an environmentalist, a shampoo bar may be more to your liking. Shampoo bars are package free, which reduces packaging waste. Shampoo bars have an overall lower carbon footprint as they are lightweight and more compact. This results in reduced truck transport. Additionally, shampoo bars are typically composed of natural ingredients. Thus, most don’t contain all the toxins typically associated with conventional liquid shampoo, namely SLS.

Along those same lines, if you’re a beauty buff you may prefer liquid shampoo simply because it does contain SLS. While SLS may strip your hair of it’s natural oils, the end result is that it leaves your hair looking shiny and feeling squeaky clean. So in this instance the appearance of your hair is more weighted, awarding conventional liquid shampoo the clear win.

So depending on what’s most important to you a shampoo bar may or may not be the most appealing. At either rate, there are several fab brands to choose from that tons of people are reaching for these days. Some include:

At the end of the day, shoose what best suits your needs. Besides that, more and more companies are jumping on the zero waste train anyway. So even if you choose liquid shampoo you can still find some with zero waste packaging that are made using all natural ingredients. Some of these options include Plaine Products, Haeckels, and Dirty Hippie. Washing your hair the natural, eco-friendly way is now easier than ever whether you choose liquid or bar.

When it comes to shampoo, which do you choose – liquid or bar?

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