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Plant Based Biodegradable Bamboo Dental Floss

This week’s splurge worthy find is plant based biodegradable bamboo dental floss. Whether you’re looking for a healthy alternative, have zero waste aspirations or you’re simply up for trying something new, bamboo dental floss is well worth trying out.

I was inspired to try this floss because not only does conventional floss have a terrible environmental impact, but it’s actually bad for you, too. Traditional dental floss is made of plastics, namely teflon and nylon. It’s coated with highly toxic substances called PFAS’s. PFAS’s are a subset of perfluorocarbons (aka PFC’s). According to the EPA, PFC’s are also responsible for the most potent greenhouse gas emissions. Besides that PFA’s have been linked to infertility, hormone imbalances, thyroid disease and more.

After learning of this, it wasn’t long before I sought out a safe alternative. My search led me to bamboo floss. Bamboo floss has many admirable attributes. First and foremost, it’s toxin free as bamboo is all natural. Secondly, it’s zero waste. Specifically, bamboo floss is 100% compostable. In fact, it starts to decompose just after 60 to 90 days in a compost pile. Even better, bamboo is a sustainable resource. It grows back quickly and requires less water and energy to farm.

Now the goodness doesn’t stop there. Most brands of bamboo floss are infused with activated charcoal for extra cleaning power. Also, they are waxed with candelilla plant wax versus the petroleum products that conventional floss is waxed with. Also, you get the added benefit of bamboo floss being flavored with peppermint and tea tree organic essential oils. Finally, because the composition is bamboo, this floss is very durable. So you don’t have to deal with it breaking into pieces.

Overall, plant based biodegradable bamboo dental floss offers you the options of both healthy and guilt free dental hygiene. It’s better for both you and the environment. For all of these reasons it’s a must try that is absolutely splurge worthy.

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