Those Closest To You May Be Your Downfall

Those closest to you may be your downfall. I have observed how COVID-19 has in many ways brought out both the best and worst in people. For me, it has granted me some of the best of times.

Since being in quiet isolation I have greatly enjoyed this time to deeply reflect. In doing so, I have gained some much needed clarity. In fact, in the midst of all of this uncertainty clarity has been my main goal and the universe has delivered it in a variety of ways, most notably with family members.

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to mend some broken bonds, reconnecting with some long, lost family members. Though on the other spectrum, I have seen the worst in some family members. Some of the most hateful words have been uttered. Some of the most hateful glares have been endured. Nonetheless, this has only served to give me more clarity on the universal laws and what it all means.

When dealing with those closest to you who go out of their way to attempt to make your life miserable to appease their own emotional inadequacies it’s best to view them from the perspective of these key universal laws.

Thus, know that how you experience these family members will be unique to your perspective, which is always changing relative to where you are in your personal growth journey. Even within families there are highs and lows and you will see the good and bad in them. Yet, the best part of all of this is that you are always the creator of your experience. So no one, not even your family members, can take that power away from you.

During the course of COVID-19, I’ve been reminded to always be the causer, rather than allowing someone external to me to effect who I am. That said, when a malcontent family member is amidst who can do nothing better than eject hateful commentary accompanied by contemptious glares, the best thing that you can do for both them and you is be silent.

Silence is always a loyal companion. It allows you to maintain your power as a creator. It keeps your state of mind blissfull and it maintains the peace. Like a cloud, eventually that person will realize that they have no power over you and they will glide by.

So while those closest to you may often be your downfall, you always have the power to turn things around. Hence, just as easily those same people can be your greatest asset. The strength to endure them can transform you into someone stronger than you ever thought possible.

Have you experienced these personality types during COVID-19? If so, how have you resolved?

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