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Why Is Being Childlike As An Adult Wrong

Ever think of how many things that you did as a child suddenly become socially unacceptable the moment you enter the realm of adulthood? Why is being childlike as an adult wrong?

This tends to be the case across most cultures. For instance, in American culture, as a child it is permissible to respond to others with silence. Yet, once you reach adulthood this behavior is considered ill-mannered.

Also, as a child you are praised for taking a nap anywhere and at anytime. However, try napping on the job and see what happens. Jumping on furniture is also something that children can do but adults can’t. Then there’s also throwing food on the floor. An adult who tries that may just be institutionalized.

Now the list of things that children are permitted to do that adults are chastized for could go on forever. It still begs the question why? Why does adulthood come with so many stipulations?

Besides that, is the adoption of this laundry list of rules even authentic? Or do you just become a pretentious, counterfeit version of who you really are spending the remainder of your life trying to redefine and find purpose in your facade?

Perhaps Bryan White got it right when he said the quote below….

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”– Bryan White

Sometimes I wonder if all you’re taught as a child is how to be fake. It almost seems that parenting skills are primarily scrutinized by your degree of compliance. Logic be damned!

What do you think? Why is being childlike as an adult wrong?

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