Failure Is Nothing More Than Misplaced Aspiration

Failure is nothing more than misplaced aspiration. Rather than aspiring to be more today than you were yesterday, you blow off your divine time endlessly longing and yearning for all the things you have yet to accomplish.

Oh just ignore the laundry list of things that have worked out in your favor and that have yielded you success. Yeah. Rather than basking in the glory of your accomplishments, somehow you perceive that it’s better to pine away over all the things that are at present unrealized and call it failure.

Sure it’s good to set goals and no one is suggesting that you shouldn’t. Nonetheless, its even more beneficial to savor the accomplishments of the present moment. How you feel the moment that you achieve something that you have aspired to is indescribable. It’s an exhilarating, mind-blowing confidence that makes you feel like you have wings, like you can do anything.

So holding on to that feeling for as long as you can is way more beneficial than giving success a mere 3 second revel before restarting the cycle of wallowing over failure. Wallowing in self pity and failure is probably the worst thing that you can do.

Why do we do that anyway? Why give failure so much attention and success so very little? Ever notice how when you succeed at something, how quickly you move on to the next unachieved thing daydreaming about how wonderful it will be when you achieve it? Though, the reality is that the next thing is only gonna feel wonderful for a hot second before the cycle of misplaced failure starts over again. Why is extending the stay of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment so incomprehensible? Isn’t it all just a state of mind that we can change at will? Why the obsession with failure? Why do we offer the feeling of failure permanent residence and treat success like an ocassional visitor?

Ultimately, all roads lead somewhere, even if its to a dead end. So rather than obsess over failure, simply choose another road, then another, and another if you have to. If its something that you really want, you’ll keep trying different roads until you get to the one that leads you to your desired destination. One thing that’s certain is that you damn sure won’t run out of roads to choose from. The universe is infinite as are possibilities.

So as much as failure can get you feeling down, know that it can also lift you up. Pursuant to the law of polarity, failure and success are really one and the same, just varying in degree. So when you find your mood descending down the path of failure, lift it up again by recalling then relishing in the splendor of all of your accomplishments. Failure is nothing more than misplaced aspiration. So put it in it’s proper place and leave it there. You’ve got places to go and things to achieve.

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