Self Care

A Quiet-Filled Day

What better way to hear the voice of inspiration and spark some creativity than with a quiet-filled day. One self care practice that I recently implemented as part of my daily routine is a no-talking work zone.

Thus, the only sounds that grace my ears are the sounds of nature, city sounds and my own internal voice. This has done wonders for my work day. As a result, I’m way more focused which means that I’m getting a ton of work done. I’m also coming up with bunches of creative business solutions. Best of all I’m enjoying the bliss of a peaceful workday.

If I need to correspond with any clients I’ve been opting to communicate via text rather than speaking on the phone. This gives me the benefit of having uninterrupted thoughts, workflow and creative flow states. Plus, I can respond when I want, not having lost a thing in the process.

A quiet-filled day has definitely become my new favorite self care hack. If you need to create a space for creativity, inspiration or just need to get a shipload of work done try this technique. It will make all the difference in the world. Peace and work can actually co-exist.

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I am passionate about intentional living, self care and attracting prosperity. As such my content is keenly focused on delivering all the tools necessary to succeed in doing just that. Conscious Minimalist Living, Simple Vegan Lifestyle, Morning Meditation, and Affirmations all to manifest the life of your dreams. This blog is an infinitely healthy balance of inspiration and mindfulness. Welcome! I wish all of you beautiful, warm, blissful spirits an infinite abundance of good feelings, prosperous lives and blissful minds! Enjoy! Sunflower Smooches!! Blissfully Mindful

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