Always A Way

Whether you’re in a bind, looking for a way out of something or embarking on a new path with what seems to be insurmountable obstacles ahead of you know that there is always a way. In this time-space reality in which we live it has been scientifically proven that there are infinite possibilities.

Based on your unique perspective those possibilities will stand out to you and present themselves in any variety of ways. So many times I’ve found the answer to a problem that has long plagued me to be right in front of me all along. Each time I just wanted to smack myself for not seeing it.

Yet there’s no need to beat yourself up over what you were not ready to perceive. Like there’s always a way, there’s always a reason why you can’t always perceive that way despite it being right in your face. Maybe the timing just isn’t right and other related factors aren’t yet in alignment.

In this regard the way in which you perceive your reality in this moment is exactly the way that you are supposed to see things. Alignment is everything. It’s a very complex process of strategically positioning a huge variety of variables.

So while you search for resolutions, don’t get discouraged by the lack thereof. It may even be a good idea to briefly step away at intervals to allow things to organically come into alignment.

Consider the creation of life and how many variables have to come into alignment for that to happen. This all makes life the miracle that it is. So resolutions are like life. They are tiny miracles that happen based on an infinite number of circumstances. So if you don’t find a solution today, know that there’s always a way and it could be just a day away from presenting itself to you.

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I am passionate about intentional living, self care and attracting prosperity. As such my content is keenly focused on delivering all the tools necessary to succeed in doing just that. Conscious Minimalist Living, Simple Vegan Lifestyle, Morning Meditation, and Affirmations all to manifest the life of your dreams. This blog is an infinitely healthy balance of inspiration and mindfulness. Welcome! I wish all of you beautiful, warm, blissful spirits an infinite abundance of good feelings, prosperous lives and blissful minds! Enjoy! Sunflower Smooches!! Blissfully Mindful

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