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Living Single Still Lit

Every so often I like to indulge an oldie but goodie. For me that indulgence is the 1990’s sitcom Living Single. It’s one of my all time favorite shows. To this day Living Single still rocks. Whenever I watch it I laugh just as hard today as I did years ago.

Living Single, starring Kim Fields, Queen Latifah, Erika Alexander, Kim Coles, John Henton and Terrence C. Carson is about four women and two men who share their lives and loves in a Brooklyn brownstone. Sharing one of the apartments is a trio of women who receive frequent visits from a fourth pal. Meanwhile, sharing an apartment just upstairs are two men who’ve been friends for years.

Living Single is all about life, love, friendship and everything in between. Over the course of the series you witness the evolution of each character all the while seeing bits of yourself in each one. The script is relatable, the writing is brilliant, the acting is phenomenal and the comedy is oh so on point.

If you haven’t already checked it out, Living Single is well worth the watch. It’s absolutely binge-worthy and the perfect cure for the gloomies. It’s currently streaming on Hulu if you dare. Living Single still rocks!

Have you watched Living Single? Who’s your favorite character?

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