Looks Like A Magical Moonday

Happy Moonday!!  Feliz Lunes!!  Heureux Lundi!! Felice Lunedi!! looks like a magical moonday!!!

yes, its monday and i’m feeling magically inspired! I know for most that monday usually represents dread because its the first day of the work week, but if i might trouble you to join me in taking ourselves out of the box of gloom for a spell….

so sure, in today’s world monday is in fact, the first day of our work week (uggh!).  however, if you so desire, you can flip the script on that misnomer and from here on out your mondays can potentially be the most powerful and magical day of your week.  let’s start by looking at the origin of the word…

we actually get the word monday from the romans and it means “moon’s day.”  it is derived from Lunae dies “day of the moon” and was once a sacred day whereby the ancients enjoyed a day of feasting in dedication to the moon goddess, Selene/Luna/Mani. 

symbolically the moon was quite powerful back then.  unlike in current times where we generally associate the moon with being the only natural satellite of earth and being responsible for its tidal action, the ancients viewed the moon as being the planet of the unconscious mind, emotions and moods.  now thats hot!!  i mean how cool is that?!?! its sure better than the dry perception we currently have for it.

that’s why, in light of the ancient definition, from here on out my moondays represent the shedding of stale, undesirable emotions, ideas, and thoughts that i host.  instead moonday will be a time for revelation, a celebration, if you will, of my growing conscious awareness of my true, magical, alchemical, fab self!  a time to illuminate the fabulous me rather than hiding behind the illusion of the bland, blah, in-the-box, limited me. 

i’m not saying that this past sun-filled weekend wasn’t fantastic.  but in light of the moon (pun intended) all that sun did was blind me with the illusion.  i mean what fun is there really in seeing everything.  all that shine is so over-rated.  to me the fun is in the not seeing, having the challenge of seeking out the unknown, and winning the grand prize of  coming into knowledge and as a result of my own doing.  isn’t that why we’re all so addicted to hero stories, mysteries, victories and such??? at least i know that’s the case for me.

so in that regard as of today i no longer sit in satisfaction with the illusion of who i am.  instead, this moonday is a revelation of the true essence of me, starting with the writing of this blog entry. 

i say that because what’s magical about today is that i just kinda started typing and ended up here.  i didn’t have a plan to take this historical mental voyage when i woke up this morning.  nevertheless, now that i’m here i see the power of it. 

so later on this moonday during my meditation i can reflect and look at the days events and how things unfolded as a direct result of my thoughts and actions.  i can look at self and know that  anything that happened that wasn’t particularly pleasing merely reflected what i put out.  on the flip side i can also credit myself for all the fab things that transpired.

that said, i’m making this a happy moonday and looking forward to a day filled with lots of behind-the-neck-hair-raising, butterfly-in-the-stomach-tingly moments, a love-filled heart, topped with the power of my own harmonious vibration!

translation… i wanna laugh a little, be inspired by something fantastic, experience something awe-inspiring, feel love flow through me, and feel grounded and at peace with who i am….

heck, tonight i’m cooking sunday dinner on moonday!!! ? looks like a magical moonday!!!

sunflower smooches!

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