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Netflix and Chill With Dead To Me

Netflix and chill with Dead To Me. Starring Christina Applegate and Ed Asner this show is dark, yet wierdly funny and addictive. It’s intriguing and engaging. Best of all by about the 3rd episode the plot twists will literally have you on the edge of your seat.

Dead To Me is about a widow, Jen, whose husband recently died in a hit-and-run. Given Jen’s cheating husbands adulterous past, she is determined to solve the crime. Meanwhile, a free spirited Judy recently suffered a tragic loss of her own. In a twist of fate, the two ladies meet at a support group and become unlikely friends. From there the plot twists just get better and better.

The script is brilliantly written as is the acting. Dead To Me is a show about friendship, love, romance and most importantly endless tea. If you love the thrill of the tea as much as I do than you’ll love Dead To Me.

Ultimately, it’s as unique as it is predictable. Though what I love most about the show is the character development. It’s done so expertly that you really grow attached to and totally experience things from each main character’s perspective. This makes it nearly impossible to choose a side. So you spend the entire time watching to see which way the tide will flow.

Dead To Me is a highly entertaining dramedy with turns at every corner that is sure to keep you engaged. It’s now streaming on Netflix and it is the perfect Netflix and chill show for the summer.

Have you done a Netflix and chill with Dead To Me? How was it?

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