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Self Care Sundays

I was watching the HBO show “Insecure” when I noticed the mention of what was called “Self Care Sundays.” This entailed doing something for yourself once a week on Sundays. I thought it was such a beautiful gesture of self love, such a wonderful opportunity for self awareness and such an invaluable habit to adopt.

While it can be any day of your choosing, a day that is 100% dedicated to self care can be life altering. It comes with so many wonderful implications. It’s a great way to do something great for you. After all, you are indeed deserving and in case you’ve forgotten this practice will undoubtedly remind you of that.

Moreover, this practice will help you to maintain mind, body and soul balance. It’s a great way to become attuned to and bring awareness to your higher self. Making yourself the center of your attention for just one day is a great way to connect you to your internal energy to remind you that you are in control. It will bring external circumstances into perspective reminding you of the life force entity that you are.

You are, in fact a force. That means at will you have the power to make things happen in accordance with your desires. You cause things to move. You impact things. You compel, impel and propel. Thus, after a week of challenging external circumstances, a day of self care will remind you of who you are it will do so during a time when it counts the most.

Ultimately, self care Sundays is a great way to realize a sense of deep, eternal peace. It allows you to reclaim control over your life. On whatever day works for you give yourself this much needed day to refeul to bring balance and power to your life. You deserve it!

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