Standing In The Fire

HAAAAAAAYYYYYYY Blissful Peeps!!! let’s chat about standing in the fire…

thought i’d share a convo that i had with amirah in the mirror about fear. she brought to light the most profound thing. she basically enabled me to see that we all endure “scary” life circumstances, but not scary in the sense of a haunted house or seeing ghosts or anything. Scary in the sense that we all have base level fears that have more to do with our day-to-day mundane life dramas. whether it’s job security, financial troubles, the threat of eviction, loss of child custody, death of a loved one, disease, divorce or a relationship break-up we all have some situation that we fear more than anything.

we fear these things because we believe that if it were to happen we can not fathom how we could ever overcome them. yet, i know that for me, this couldn’t be further from my truth because whenever these things have occurred i always see myself through them. this is always, without fail my heru’s journey. heru is each of us and in that space of knowing we know that the actual fear is of the unknown part of ourselves. just think about it, what we’re generally afraid of is not knowing how we’re going to get through the problem.

i know that when i’ve had honest moments with myself i came into the awareness that i was afraid of the unknown more than the problem itself. so i then figured what better way to overcome this fear than to stand in the fire and face it. once i faced it, it was not longer this big scary thing. i took it’s power into myself and became the master of it.

the thing about fear is that it is the lowest frequency of energy that exist. it is the lower part of our self that we give rise to when we fuel it with energy. i can recall as i write this blog entry the feeling of fear. the last time i felt it it began as a this intense gravitational pull downward, a feeling of being frozen, stuck to the ground. then i felt a pit in my stomach.

my heart beat so hard that i thought it would come through my chest. i got a huge lump in my throat, my mouth got dry and my breathing very shallow. eventually i got the worst headache. now in examining my description you can see how that fear traveled up my 7 chakras. however, it attacked rather than unblocking them. can you imagine the impact of living in this frequency day in and day out? it would be genocide and it would take place in the most lethal way and place of all, from within.

this is actually something that i learned in my journey as a vegan. i was so afraid to eat anything with soy, meat products, artificial sweeteners, transfats, etc. that i was driving myself crazy, literally. so i had to learn to balance that energy out. i had to see the power that i had to transform those things that i feared by standing in the fire and facing them head on. i then allowed the fire to purify, consume and illuminate me to light my way. in doing so i put fear back in its proper place and transformed it into the fire that burns within so the kundalini chile may now rise.

now i also came into the awareness that there are times when fear is actually good for something, but where i reside those times are far and few in between. for instance, if my loved one was about the be crushed by a falling tree my fear of them being crushed would do well to propel me to rush to their aid.

however, i am very rarely in the woods where this would happen so its not an everyday situation that would require that fear maintain such an active role in my life. its too low and dense a frequency of energy for my spirit, who loves to fly freely to maintain daily. that said, my day-to-day life dramas do not require fear to come on line. what it is that makes us think that we should allow fear permanent residence in our house is programming.

we are told so much to the point of self-hypnosis to fear these mundane things that fear has set up a permanent residence in our home which is within. i’ve realized that fear should only be invited as more of an in-law visitor, and we all know how much we just LOVE when the in-laws visit LOL. but really, fear shouldn’t be setting up a permanent residence in our homes. heck many of us have allowed it to kick us out of the master and put us in the guest bedroom in our own damn house!! WTH!!! hmph! it may be time to ask who run this mutha?!?!?!!!!

so will you stand in the fire? will you face fear head on, pack his bags and tell him in the words of beyonce, “to the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left?” and will you then put his country ass back on the train back home and tell him don’t call us we’ll call you?

does your life have you standing in the fire? how are you handling it?

sunflower smooches

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