When I Don’t Feel Like Teaching

Hoi (Hello in Dutch) Shining Stars!!! let’s chat about what i do when i don’t feel like teaching.

yogi or not my humanity still lives and sometimes i don’t always feel like teaching a yoga class. so how do i handle this when whether i feel like it or not the class must be taught? i treat myself like my employee and call her into my office for a little chat! i say “soooo i’ve noticed that today you just don’t seem to have your normal vigor and excitement about you. is there anything going on that you’d maybe like to talk about? something going on at home?” she’ll reply, “oh no everything is fine. i’m fine. just have to get warmed up is all.” then i’ll say, “oh ok because if things aren’t going well for you here perhaps we can discuss if this is a good fit for you.

maybe you’d like to evaluate if this is where you’d like to be.” then she’ll say, “oh no not at all! i love it here! this is exactly where i want to be. what you’re probably picking up on is that i’m a little groggy from staying up too late last night. i’ll be sure to get to bed earlier from now on though. i love my job here and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. it won’t happen again.” then she leaves my office with a sigh of relief thinking to herself “whew! that was close! i have to be sure to never let this happen again! i don’t want to lose my job!”

LOL! now i’m discussing this in jest but truthfully i do feel like this sometimes even though yoga is my passion! its during those times that i have to remind myself of a few things like…. i have on several occasions visualized myself in pure ecstasy floating in the universe in a yoga pose. for nearly a decade i have obsessed over all things yogi.

i have spent my last dollar on yoga books, mats, dvd’s, magazines, and anything else that had an association with yoga. i have sat in lotus pose till my knee caps screamed at me in sarcasm “now this b is crazy!” at parties people have avoided all words beginning with “y” in fear that i will mistake it for yoga and start on an endless rant about my love affair with it. heck, in relationships i’ve come close to threatening to leave my man for yoga! so that being said… the next time you see me not looking like i’m having the absolute time of my life teaching yoga call me ms. yoga (as do some of my students) to remind me of just who i am and tell me i’d better feel like teaching! lol!

so that’s what i do when i don’t feel like teaching. how do you handle it when you’re not in the mood to do something? how do you get yourself out of the emotional rut?

sunflower smooches!

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