Time Is A Prison

Time is a prison. It’s literally one endless loop of rehearsed thoughts that elicit a series of conditioned responses.

Recently I learned that time was invented by the Sumerians. What we know as time is a man-made invention. So, that really got me to wondering what the intention behind this invention was. Was it invented to imprison the minds of the masses? Make us more docile and easy to control?

Or perhaps it was invented to evoke a collective state of stasis. After all, stasis has persistently been our state of being. With all the ground-breaking, inconceivable wonders of the world that humanity was allegedly once able to do, but is now somehow unable to replicate, it seems that consciously we have succumb to a deep slumber. Besides that, time seems to be the culprit that prompted this seemingly endless condition.

Thus, it seems that time was a very important invention after all. It holds the key to so many unknowns. There’s just so much mystery surrounding it. While it’s intangible, it’s more powerful than any tangible thing known to man because it literally controls every aspect of our existence.

So what is time exactly? Is it a form of dictatorship, prompting us to awaken, sleep, eat, work, go to school, play, etc. all in accordance to it’s will. Also, why can’t we escape it? Or can we?

Can we escape the prison of time by merely no longer acknowledging it? If so, how do we go about doing so? Do we simply make the decision and live out the rest of our days in timelessness? If we did that, what will be the outcome? Will we transcend dimensional planes? Will we become more consciously awareness of other unknowns?

If we begin to perceive that time is a prison and coordinate our escape accordingly I wonder how different this existence will be. Seems that it may turn out to be a very liberating experience.

What do you think? Why do you think time was invented? How much has the invention of time stifled our collective expansion?

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