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HBO Fav – Insecure

This week’s tv roundup comes by way of my HBO fav Insecure featuring Issa Dee, Yvonne Orji and Jay Ellis. Insecure is a wildly engaging aspirational show about women on their journey of self-discovery, growth and empowerment delivered in a comedic way that is both stimulating and relatable. From classism to racial inequality to friendship and relationship woes, Insecure touches upon all the circumstances that haunt our daily lives.

Now in it’s fourth season, Insecure gives us a unique authentic peek into modern-day black women. As they delve into their own real-life flaws and insecurities you witness their vulnerabilities. On the other hand, as they cope with the challenge of an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences you witness their discovery of inner strength.

What I love most about this show is the real, straight, no chaser approach to revealing many truths about the modern-day black woman. Rae effectively gives you a very intimate portrait of not only the sparkly, good parts, but the dark, not-so-attractive attributes as well. We are not flawless. We do have insecurities. Yet in may ways this is the source of our strength and Rae is genius at capturing the essence of the complexity of that.

Now as much as I love the construction of this show, there are a few other mentionables of which I am a fan. I also love the indie music! I love the wardrobe and I especially love the eye candy. I also love the self care Sundays.

Well-written, well caste and well directed, Insecure is a show for the ages. It’s a refreshing look at matter that you typically wouldn’t even want to acknowledge. For that reason Insecure is my HBO fav of all times.

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