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How You Handle Money Says Everything About You

How you handle money says everything about you. For instance, when you loan someone money what is your expectation? Which of these three responses best describes your disposition in this situation?

  1. Do you expect the borrower to timely pay you back?
  2. Do you simply give the money graciously offering it as a gift not to be repaid?
  3. Do you give it expecting not to ever get it back?

You’ll be surprised at what your disposition in the matter says about who you are in this moment. Also, depending on where you are in life the answer to this question may differ from what it once was.

The answer also holds some truths that may at present be unrealized about who you are on a subconscious level. It sheds light on how you flow through life. It offers insight into your general perception of things.

Specifically, the first response where you expect the borrower to timely pay you back speaks to your optimistic outlook on life. You set your intentions and move on expecting that things will always work out. So getting stressed out isn’t your initial response to life’s hardships. No matter what happens you know that you’ll always come out on top and that things will always work out in your favor. Hence, you live to enjoy each day of sunshine to the fullest.

The second response where you simply give the money graciously as a gift not to be repaid speaks to your expectation of others. In many instances this may be to your detriment. Essentially, your expectation is not about the money. Instead, you expect that others will be there for you when you need. So when you’re the one in need and others don’t recipricate you succumb to bouts of regret, resentfulness and depression. You may often feel that you are always taken advantage of.

In remembering the principals of Maat, true love is giving and receiving seeking nothing in return. So soley giving without the exchange of receiving both puts you as the ultimate giver at a disadvantage and in an imbalanced state, energetically speaking. The giver may want to balance things out by asking the borrower to barter something non-monetary in exchange for the money. This will energetically even things out for you.

Meanwhile, the third response where you give the money expecting not to ever get it back is best described in the quote below.

“Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.”  – Oscar Wilde

If you’re the lender who expects the worst case scenario, which is to never get the money back than you likey extend this pessimistic predisposition to other areas of your life. During times of uncertainty, you are most likely to brace for impact and prepare for the worst. You hold the perspective that disasters are always near. Thus, you consider yourself one who is always prepared no matter what. However, despite your preparedness, you fail to enjoy the sunny days. Out of 1000 sunny days you most vividly recall the 2 horric thunderstorms.

Ultimately, money is a huge part of our lives. It plays a larger role than you may think. Yet, this is the beauty of money. Assessing your predisposition towards money can offer you great insight into aspects of your personal growth journey that you may need to work on. It also affords you invaluable interpersonal skills. Changing your perception of money can tranform resentment into appreciation.

Money is energy. Thus, your money is an extension of you as an energetic being. It is a glimpse into your vibrational frequency. That said, in the matter of money how are you flowing? Better yet, what are your expectations? Remember how you handle money says everything about you.

So which was your initial response? How has it played out in your life?

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