Strength From Within

there are times when life activates the strength that comes only from within. It serves as a reminder of what makes you divine. it reignites that most powerful part of you, making it more apparent than ever that there is nothing that you can’t overcome.

it’s always that worst case scenario in life that results in the lower aspect of you deluding you into believing you can not overcome. then comes that inner strength. if you listen, you can hear the voice of inner strength as it reminds you of who you are. it defines you as the source that brought forth the force that you are into this life, into this existence.

the strength from within you is your life force energy. it is the source of power far beyond anything that your mind can even comprehend. it is beyond the reach of denial. you know it when you feel it through and through.

it get’s you to the finish line every time. every time you think you can’t or won’t make it, the will of your inner strength effortlessly propels you forward. when you don’t know the route it leads the way.

it’s the part of you that is untouchable, and for good reason. nothing can dim it’s light. nothing can in any way impede it’s path. more than that, nothing can destroy it. it is ever expanding and ever evolving.

so when one of those worse case scenarios of life should strike know that your strength from within will come to the rescue and see you through. unlike life situations, it has no beginning so it has no end. it is eternal.

do you hear the voice of your strength from within? would you know if you did?

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